Crosschain Workshop 2021

The Crosschain Workshop aims to bring researchers and application developers across the world together to advance the field of crosschain transaction technology.

The workshop will be held across two, four hour sessions. For each talk, the latest information about crosschain approaches will be available on this website ahead of the workshop. The information could be a paper, a blog post, a YouTube video, an EthResearch post, a GitHub repo, or all of the above. The idea is to allow attendees time ahead of the workshop to gain some understanding of the approaches of other researchers.

Speakers will present for 15 minutes (6 minutes for lightning talks). This will recap the papers and other content that they had made available. This presentation time will be followed by 5 minutes question and discussion time (4 minutes for lightning talks).


The objectives of the workshop are:

  • That the researchers working on crosschain will be aware of each other’s work.
  • That developers are aware of the latest research.
  • That researchers are aware of how crosschain is being used.
  • That there will be a cross pollination of ideas. 
  • That we will understand how each of us analyse our crosschain protocols.
  • That we gain a better understanding of the trade-offs of the various approaches.


Session 1:
Singapore: Tuesday March 9, 2021: 4am
Brisbane: Tuesday March 9, 2021: 6am
Sydney: Tuesday March 9, 2021: 7am
San Francisco: Monday March 8, 2021: 12noon
New York: Monday March 8, 2021: 3pm
London: Monday March 8, 2021: 8pm
Vienna: Monday March 8, 2021: 9pm

Session 2:
Singapore: Wednesday March 10, 2021: 2pm
Brisbane: Wednesday March 10, 2021: 4pm
Sydney: Wednesday March 10, 2021: 5pm
San Francisco: Tuesday March 9, 2021: 10pm
New York: Wednesday March 10, 2021: 1am
London: Wednesday March 10, 2021: 6am
Vienna: Wednesday March 10, 2021: 7am