Academic Track

Aleixo Sanchez works at the Web3 Foundation as a member of the grants team. Previously, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree from EPFL and his Master’s from ETH Zürich in Computer Science. His research interests include zero-knowledge protocols and blockchain security.

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Alexander Neulinger is a PhD candidate at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and researcher at the Austrian Blockchain Center GmbH. His research focuses on business aspects of blockchain interoperability.


Babu Pillai is a PhD candidate at the School of Information and Communication Technology at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia. His current research relates to Cross-chain Technology that enables interoperability between distributed ledger systems such as blockchain. In 2017, Mr Pillai obtained his Master’s degree in Information Technology from Griffith University. Prior to that, Mr Pillai worked as an Engineering Professional in the building industry with the design team, where his main purpose was to merge engineering design and technology to create efficient and collaborative design processes. Mr Pillai received his technical qualification in Civil Engineering from India in 1995 and has worked in Australia, India and the Middle East.

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Daniel Engel is a PhD candidate at Brown University, in the Computer Science Department. His research interests span various foundational problems in decentralize finance. His current research is on designing cross-chain protocols, and developing a theory of AMMs. Prior to that he received his B.S. in Mathematics and Physics from Georgia Tech.

Applications of Technology Track

Dr. Alessandro Ricottone is a research scientist at Lightcurve, developing the Lisk protocol. He discovered his love for computers while playing “Aldo’s adventure” on a 286 as a kid. As a natural consequence, he got passionate into quantum computers and received a PhD in physics from McGill University, specializing in quantum information. He got interested into blockchains in 2012, and finally moved to the industry in 2019. Now his research interests include authenticated data structures and interoperability protocols.

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Dr Ermyas Abebe is currently a Senior Researcher at Consensys working on cross-chain communications. Before joining ConsenSys, he was a Senior Research Staff Member and Manager at IBM Research, where he led a team of researchers and engineers that explored the potential of Distributed Ledger Technologies to transform industries, economies and governments. He worked with businesses and governments across different geographies to conceive and build blockchain-based solutions for scenarios such as cross-border payments, trade finance, trade logistics and decentralised identity. His primary research focus has been to advance the state of blockchain technologies across the dimensions of scalability and interoperability. He co-led the creation of Hyperledger Weaver, which is a decentralised interoperability protocol for enterprise blockchains. Ermyas has published numerous academic papers and filed over 30 patents.

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Hiroki Yasui is a software developer at Datachain which focuses on cross-chain solutions. He’s been worked various projects in his career as developer. First blockchain related project was the development of a cryptocurrency exchange in 2018 at one of Fin-Tech company. he got interested in cross chain technology due to DeFi service is getting practical day by day. Then he’s working on various PoC for finance industry after joined at Datachain in 2021.

Peter Robinson is a technical director and applied cryptographer working in ConsenSys Software’s R&D group on Crosschain and Bridges technologies. He has twenty-three granted patents in fields ranging from distributed computing, cryptography, blockchain, and virtualisation to graphical password design. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from Queensland University of Technology, a Masters of Telecommunications Engineering from University of Wollongong, is a graduate of the International Space University, and is currently completing a PhD at University of Queensland part-time with the thesis topic, Cross-Blockchain Communications. Peter is co-chair of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s Crosschain Interoperability Task Force.

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Ryo Sato is a senior solutions architect at Datachain. He is involved in building applications using YUI, a Hyperledger Lab. In YUI, he led the design and development of a module for Hyperledger Fabric compliant with the IBC specification. He has recently led several projects on interoperability with public permissionless blockchains, focusing on payment areas such as deliver-to-payment and cross-chain swap applications.

Dr Weijia Zhang is the Vice President of Engineering at Wanchain and Regional Head China for the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. He is co-chair of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s Crosschain Interoperability Task Force.

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