IEEE ICBC Crosschain Workshop 2023

IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Crosschain Workshop will be run in Dubai on May 5, 2023. The workshop aims to bring researchers and practitioners from across the world together to advance the field of crosschain transaction technology. The workshop will be run as a hybrid event (in person and online). It has two sessions: the Academic session and the Applications of Technology session.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Provide researchers with a forum to publish peer reviewed papers on crosschain communications.
  • Ensure that the researchers working on crosschain will be aware of each other’s work.
  • Help developers stay across the latest research.
  • Provide a forum for practitioners to talk about how crosschain is being used and the challenges that they face.
  • Have a cross pollination of ideas.
  • Help us all gain a better understanding of the trade-offs of the various approaches.

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